Delivery & Shipping Fees

Find your answers below to all your questions on delivery lead times, delivery fees or order tracking.

Shipping (Singapore)

How long do you take to ship the order?

As we create your bespoke embroidered art piece, we request your patience as the process may stretch from a couple of days up to a week. You will be able to see online the progress of your art piece as It is being created.

How do you ship the order?

We engage non-traditional delivery modes, to help create more career opportunities for the less fortunate. Be patient with them as they work to deliver to you.


Do you accept product returns or provide refunds?

We do not provide refunds, but rest assured that every art piece is the result of careful work and we take pride in our finished product. As these are bespoke creations, no two items will look exactly the same, which gives each product its uniqueness. We sincerely hope that you will like the products we have created for you.


How much do you charge for delivery?

We will absorb the shipping fees at launch. Subsequently, a $3 flat fee will be charged per order delivered within Singapore.