It all started in 2019, when three like-minded professionals wanting to do good for society came together and brainstormed a model for helping able-bodied Singaporeans to effectively contribute to society without spending too much time away from their families. The potential groups benefiting are artists (designers who work from the comfort of home), non-traditional or “hidden- potential” artisans (homemakers, retirees, and the intellectually challenged) and delivery professionals (taxi drivers, Private Hire Vehicles (“PHV”) drivers and those with means of transport (bicycles, Personal Electric Vehicles (“PEV”), motorcycles and cars).

Ambroidary’s unique business model consists of 4 processes:

  1. A team of talented designers with Artistic flair come up with creative designs to turn into works of embroidered art;
  2. Delivery professionals of various kinds are tasked with distributing the products to end consumers;
  3. The artisans who painstakingly create these Original embroidered artworks in their own homes, at their own pace, are rewarded equitably;
  4. Lastly, but most importantly, a customer Relationship and Experience team works relentlessly behind the scenes to ensure customer satisfaction.

We cheekily call this our ADORE approach, which expresses how we hope customers buying our bespoke pieces of embroidered art will feel.

To make this approach successful, we have segmented the process into standardized steps that will be allocated with just-in-time precision to each of the four groups that excel in their different roles.

Our greatest reward will be happy customers telling us how they adore our beautifully embroidered art pieces. To top it off, our profit-sharing scheme is designed to distribute the proceeds from this venture fairly among the same individuals who make it all possible.

AMBROIDARY—where embroidery is ART.